Global Surgery Courses

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Rural Urology Practice

Open course


The Rural Urology Practice course presents a practical approach to common urology problems and managing them in a low resource, rural setting. The course has lectures, videos, and Power point presentations and discussion forum. A further certificate level course is available with real time online monitoring and assisting with an objective to train surgeons and doctors working in rural areas. The course is conducted by the Association of Rural Surgeons of India / International Federation of Rural Surgeons’ Rural Surgery Research and Training Center at Biru, Jharkhand India. It is accredited to the Martin Luther Christian University at Shillong.

At the end of the course the trainees would be able to evaluate the common urology problems and do minor procedures that could empower them to treat almost half the Urology patients that they would commonly encounter in their practice using ultralow cost equipment.

Target audience: Qualified allopathic doctors registered for practice in their countries working in rural areas.

Course affiliates:International Federation of Rural Surgeons, Martin Luther Christian University, Association of Rural Surgeons of India

The Fundamentals of Global Surgery

Coming soon


‘Global surgery’ is the term adopted to describe a rapidly developing multidisciplinary field aiming to provide improved and equitable surgical care across international health systems. This course aims to give an overview of this essential movement as major challenges are still present and need to be collectively overcome in order to meet the goals of safe, affordable, timely access to surgical care for all across the world.

This is an interactive course with diverse lecturers from all over the world, describing some of the principles of the global surgery goals and the community projects. We discuss the global burden of disease, pillars and principles of research, education and ethics, as well as delve into projects and case reports from the field of work.

Target audience: Anyone (medical or non-medical) with an interest in learning more about global surgery

Basic Microsurgery Suturing Course

Coming soon


A training program for medical students and junior doctors who have had basic suturing skills, wishing to acquire skills in micro suturing on a rubber glove model in the lab.

Target audience: Medical students; doctors in training wishing to improve their microsurgical skills