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Is it possible to get certification for the course?RUP-1-quiz10-1
The current free training involves all exceptRUP-1-quiz10-2
The impact of this training would beRUP-1-quiz10-2
What did the records at Aarohi show?RUP-1-quiz10-2
Which statement is not true?RUP-1-quiz10-2
Which statement is true?RUP-1-quiz10-2
Why did USA have ambulatory Urology services?RUP-1-quiz10-2
Is it possible to get certification for the course?RUP-1-quiz13-2
The current free training involves all exceptRUP-1-quiz13-2
The impact of this training would beRUP-1-quiz13-2
What did the records at Aarohi show?RUP-1-quiz13-2
Which statement is not true?RUP-1-quiz13-2
Which statement is true?RUP-1-quiz13-2
Why did USA have ambulatory Urology services?RUP-1-quiz13-2
What is CMG?RUP-1-quiz14-2
What is CMG?RUP-1-quizkey2-2
What is not true about Hesitancy?RUP-1-quizkey2-2
Which symptom indicates most severe obstruction if they are due to obstruction?RUP-1-quizkey2-2
The following can cause irritative voiding symptoms except:RUP-1-quizkey2-2
CMG will help in the decision making except forRUP-1-quizkey2-2
The size of infant feeding tubes used for Low-cost CMG are:RUP-1-quizkey2-2
Before starting the testRUP-1-quizkey2-2
The Zero of the measuring tapes should beRUP-1-quizkey2-2
In a normal studyRUP-1-quizkey2-2
Poor sensations can occur in all exceptRUP-1-quizkey2-2
Poor compliance can occur inRUP-1-quizkey2-2
Unstable contractions can occur inRUP-1-quizkey2-2
Increased Maximum voiding Pressure measurementRUP-1-quizkey2-2
The following are used for treating high voiding pressures exceptRUP-1-quizkey2-2
The treatment of Poor sensation could be all exceptRUP-1-quizkey2-2
Medicines used for poor complianceRUP-1-quizkey2-2
Medicines used for unstable contractions include:RUP-1-quizkey2-2
Increased Post – void residueRUP-1-quizkey2-2
Cystoscopy refers to:RUP-1-quizkey3-2
The indications for Cystoscopy include the following exceptRUP-1-quizkey3-2
The indications for Cystoscopy include the following exceptRUP-1-quizkey3-2
The indications for Cystoscopy include the following exceptRUP-1-quizkey3-2
Normal Cystoscopy could be part ofRUP-1-quizkey3-2
Contraindications to Cystoscopy include:RUP-1-quizkey3-2
Why is Lithotomy position necessary for Rigid Cystoscopy?RUP-1-quizkey3-2
Which telescope is better for Urethroscopy?RUP-1-quizkey3-2
Which telescope is better for Cystoscopy?RUP-1-quizkey3-2
Which is the first landmark that you look for to orientate yourself?RUP-1-quizkey3-2
What is missing in the Laptop Cystoscope?RUP-1-quizkey4-2
Why is power back – up not necessary for the Laptop Cystoscope?RUP-1-quizkey4-2
Which of these is not possible diagnose with the Laptop Cystoscope?RUP-1-quizkey4-2
Which is the most common reason for using the Laptop Cystoscope from the following?RUP-1-quizkey4-2
Which is the best for removing clots from the bladder?RUP-1-quizkey4-2
What is the difficulty in using Bugbee electrode with Laptop Cystoscope?RUP-1-quizkey4-2
For Prostate vaporization which of the following is correctRUP-1-quizkey4-2
The best method of EIU isRUP-1-quizkey4-2
For removing small vesical calculus with Laptop CystoscopeRUP-1-quizkey4-2
What do you use the Laptop Cystoscope for during Cystolithotomy?RUP-1-quizkey4-2
What are the non – Urology uses for Laptop CystoscopeRUP-1-quizkey4-2
The other scopies with Laptop CystoscopeRUP-1-quizkey4-2
Why is it important to know about the curves in Urethra?RUP-1-quizkey5-2
What causes dynamic stricture of the urethra?RUP-1-quizkey5-2
Which is not true regarding self-calibration?RUP-1-quizkey5-2
While fixing the Urosac you need to make sure thatRUP-1-quizkey5-2
Before removing the catheterRUP-1-quizkey5-2
Alkalinizing the Urine will decrease precipitation except withRUP-1-quizkey5-2
Which is ideal for clearing blockRUP-1-quizkey5-2
For long term catherizationRUP-1-quizkey5-2
If catherization is difficultRUP-1-quizkey5-2
For Non – Deflating Foley’s balloonRUP-1-quizkey5-2
Which is probably the most definite way of breaking the non – deflating balloon?RUP-1-quizkey5-2
The burden of BPH is increasing becauseRUP-1-quizkey6-2
The histological evidence of BPH in men isRUP-1-quizkey6-2
The obstructive symptoms areRUP-1-quizkey6-2
The irritativevoiding symptoms areRUP-1-quizkey6-2
What is true about PSA?RUP-1-quizkey6-2
CMG or Cystometrogram can let you knowRUP-1-quizkey6-2
With progressive Obstruction the symptoms would beRUP-1-quizkey6-2
Why is Cystoscopy necessary along with CMG?RUP-1-quizkey6-2
Which of these medical treatment is used for BPH?RUP-1-quizkey6-2
The following are the risk factors for progressionRUP-1-quizkey6-2
Which is a uroselective alpha blockerRUP-1-quizkey6-2
The following are the contraindications for medical treatment exceptRUP-1-quizkey6-2
The mortality of TURP isRUP-1-quizkey6-2
Open Prostate surgery is offered for the following conditions exceptRUP-1-quizkey6-2
The minimally Invasive procedures for Prostate include all exceptRUP-1-quizkey6-2
What is true about TVP?RUP-1-quizkey6-2
When was the earliest record of Renal Stones?RUP-1-quizkey7-2
When was the first surgery for renal stones performed?RUP-1-quizkey7-2
Which statement is correct?RUP-1-quizkey7-2
The common presentation of renal stones are the following exceptRUP-1-quizkey7-2
The following is true about stone belt regions, exceptRUP-1-quizkey7-2
Regarding stone formation the following is trueRUP-1-quizkey7-2
When should you do metabolic evaluation?RUP-1-quizkey7-2
Regarding natural history of stones, the following is true.RUP-1-quizkey7-2
The stones commonly containRUP-1-quizkey7-2
The following is not true.RUP-1-quizkey7-2
Stone disease can causeRUP-1-quizkey7-2
Urine microscopy showing the following is significant for stone diseaseRUP-1-quizkey7-2
Regarding X ray KUB for stones which one is not true?RUP-1-quizkey7-2
Regarding the statement : once a stone former always a stone formerRUP-1-quizkey7-2
Immediate surgical intervention is necessary if there isRUP-1-quizkey7-2
Conservative treatment includes the following exceptRUP-1-quizkey7-2
The following is true of ESWLRUP-1-quizkey7-2
If all facilities are available what is the best treatment for 1 cm renal calculusRUP-1-quizkey7-2
Which country invented LithoclastRUP-1-quizkey7-2
What would you do in a rural area for 10 mm renal calculusRUP-1-quizkey7-2
DJ stenting does the following exceptRUP-1-quizkey7-2
URS for stone removal is difficult forRUP-1-quizkey7-2
For large stones the safe option in rural aeras would beRUP-1-quizkey7-2
Why did the name DJ stenting come into existence?RUP-1-quizkey7-2
Why did the name DJ stenting come into existence?RUP-1-quizkey8-2
What is the usual size of the DJ stentRUP-1-quizkey8-2
The DJ stent does the following except?RUP-1-quizkey8-2
How does DJ stent help the stone come outRUP-1-quizkey8-2
The indications for DJ stenting include the following exceptRUP-1-quizkey8-2
What is Steinstrasse?RUP-1-quizkey8-2
What are the special types of stents?RUP-1-quizkey8-2
What is the common antibiotic given before stenting as prophylaxis?RUP-1-quizkey8-2
What helps to negotiate the curve of the Vesicio- ureteric junction?RUP-1-quizkey8-2
The discomfort after DJ stenting could be due toRUP-1-quizkey8-2
Post stenting advice includes all exceptRUP-1-quizkey8-2
What material is used for long term stent?RUP-1-quizkey8-2
The most common bladder cancer isRUP-1-quizkey9-2
The following are associated with Bladder cancer exceptRUP-1-quizkey9-2
The following are associated with Bladder cancer exceptRUP-1-quizkey9-2
The following are the symptoms exceptRUP-1-quizkey9-2
The common test available in rural area for diagnosisRUP-1-quizkey9-2
The most important factor determining the treatment and prognosis for TCC bladder isRUP-1-quizkey9-2
The problems with TURT are the following exceptRUP-1-quizkey9-2
The following is true for TVP exceptRUP-1-quizkey9-2
With regard to using normal saline for bladder tumour the following are true expectRUP-1-quizkey9-2
Which is recommended for follow up in rural areasRUP-1-quizkey9-2
The relevant post-operative instructions are the following exceptRUP-1-quizkey9-2
The incidence of Urology emergencies isRUP-1-quizkey10-2
Regarding acute painful retention the following are true exceptRUP-1-quizkey10-2
The following are true regarding treatment of acute retention, excpetRUP-1-quizkey10-2
Rapid decompression of the distended bladder can cause the following exceptRUP-1-quizkey10-2
Regarding acute loin pain the following are true exceptRUP-1-quizkey10-2
For evaluation of acute loin the following tests are needed in rural areas except,RUP-1-quizkey10-2
Differential diagnosis for left loin pain include the following exceptRUP-1-quizkey10-2
The treatment includes the following exceptRUP-1-quizkey10-2
The surgical causes of Haematuria include the following exceptRUP-1-quizkey10-2
The types of Haematuria are the following exceptRUP-1-quizkey10-2
Ethamsylate or Transxemic acid should be used with caution becauseRUP-1-quizkey10-2
The gadgets necessary in rural area for treating haematuria include the following exceptRUP-1-quizkey10-2
Priapism is erectionRUP-1-quizkey10-2
Treatment of Priapism include the following exceptRUP-1-quizkey10-2
With regard to Penile fractures the following is trueRUP-1-quizkey10-2
With torsion of testis or spermatic cord irreversible damage occurs afterRUP-1-quizkey10-2
The following are the signs of testicular torsion exceptRUP-1-quizkey10-2
The following are true regarding Ureteric trauma exceptRUP-1-quizkey10-2
Bladder trauma can occur with the following exceptRUP-1-quizkey10-2
What percentage of Pelvic fractures have posterior urethral injuriesRUP-1-quizkey10-2
After SPC how long is the wait for better results for repair of rupture urethra?RUP-1-quizkey10-2
Why is Uro- sepsis important?RUP-1-quizkey10-2
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